Monday, May 4, 2009

The Sunday League 16

Dear Friends,

Im back with the next edition of Sunday League. Good show by the indian cricketers in the IPL. Hope they carry their form into the World Twenty20. Here are the questions. Answers within a week to those who reply at Here go the questions
Straight Bat

1) Who was recently elected as the president of CII for 2009-10 succeeding KV Kamath of ICICI Bank?
2) As a part of its global “Intelligent Urbanisation” initiative, which MNC is assisting the Government of Karnataka in developing a road map for an intelligent and sustainable Bangalore.?

Home Advantage

3) Identify this identity found on Indian products

Reverse Sweep

4) Which company in 1963, launched the “White Glove girl campaign” which provided women with a bridge to employment?
5) Identify the advertiser

Captains Corner

6) Identify the CEO

T20- The Tata Series
a) Tata Teleservices has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with which Company for the latters Panvel SEZ development project?
b) Identify her

c) According to news reports Tata Tea is set to acquire a 51 % stake in which Russian Tea & Coffee major?
d) What was Tata Infomedia formerly called?