Monday, August 6, 2007

The Sunday League 10

Dear Friends,
Finally the Sunday League Series has reached double figures. Thanks to all of you who have responded to this quiz and have furthered its development. Here is the 10th edition of this series

Straight Bat

1)Which Indian company has recently signed up a master game sharing agreement with Freeze tag, a California-based casual game publisher and developer?
2)The merger of 3 exchanges led to the formation of this exchange on 22nd September 2000. Name it


3)Identify the advertiser

Home advantage

4)The saga of India's largest company in this area, began in 1942. The company traces its origin to a modest `safety-matches-making-shed' in Sivakasi. During its nascent years, the impetus to storm into the big league of pyrotechnic giants was sensed early by four towering pillars of the company; Mr. Rajaratnam, Mr. Chelladhurai, Mr.Sankaralingam and Mr.Arunachalam. Name the company

Captains Corner

5)Identify this CEO (I want the name of the person on the right)

Third Umpire

6)Connect the following visuals

Tata special (For Tata Crucible Aspirants)
7)a)This is a multi utility lifestyle vehicle that was launched at the 76th Geneva auto show by Tata Motors . It was derived from the Tata Crossover concept that was unveiled at the last Geneva show. What is the name of this vehicle?
b)This initiative launched by a Tata Company in 2004 was the first outlet of its kind in the country. A significant feature of this initiative is the customers databank, where the consumer's personal taste is captured ensuring that the consumers database of favorite blends and preferences is maintained. This would enable it to provide highly personalised and customised service to the customer every time. I want the name of the initiative or the venture.
c)Identify him. (He heads a Tata Company)

d)Metaljunction is a 50:50 joint venture between Tata Steel and SAIL. Founded in February 2001, it is today India's largest e-commerce company (with e-transactions worth Rs 9,131 crore) and runs the world's largest e-marketplace for steel. It went global by signing on its first international client. Who was this famous client?