Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Sunday League 11

Hello Friends,
Long time since I have posted a quiz. Heres Sunday League 11.Great Show by India as Champions of The World Twenty 20. But they have not quite lived it up in the home series against the Kangaroos. Lets see who does a Dhoni in this quiz.Here go the questions.

Straight Bat
1)Which Indian Group recently acquired Scotland’s biggest call centre firm Telecom Service Centres for an estimated $ 81 billion?
2)This brand name is peculiar because the management of the company refused to piggyback on the household family name. According to a company sources, this name was chosen because it did not mean anything. Earlier names like Zapang & Gamefunda were considered before zeroing on this brand name. Which brand?

Reverse Sweep
3)Identify this man, he was the first non American CEO of a company.

4) Identify the logo

5)The first factory of this company, opened in Akron Ohio in 1898. In 1911, it started experimenting with airship design. It later manufactured airships and balloons for the US military during World War I. Name this company.

Captains Corner
6) Identify this CEO

Third Umpire
7)Connect the following visuals