Monday, January 28, 2008

The Sunday League 12

Dear Friends,
It has been more than a year since I started this series. Recently we saw the Indians try their best to win the test series against the Aussies. As Sunday League completes a dozen, lets see who emerges as the winner. The rules are the same . Answers only to those who attempt within a week. mail your answers at Please attempt all questions. Here we go.

Straight Bat
1)Which Business personality was recently conferred Business India’s Businessman of the Year award?

2)Which Company recently acquired a 76% stake in Iceberg Industries Ltd in Bihar?

3 Name the company that he co-founded?

4)Identify him

Home Advantage
5)Identify the logo

Third Umpire
6)Connect the following visuals

Tata Special

7(a)Tata Indicom, in 2007 launched mobile internet radio offering live streaming radio-casts in English, Hindi, Telegu, Tamil and other international languages with MP3 quality sound. What was this service branded as?

(b)Identify the logo

(c)Tata Tea has recently forayed into the out –of –home beverage segment by unveiling their first outlet in Bangalore. What is this outlet branded as?

(d)Which product now owned by the Tatas was sold in Canada in the 1900s was sold through the country's oldest company, Hudson Bay Stores? Also the brand was owned by the Beachnut Co,in the 1960s which established a sales and distribution network in Canada. Name the brand.