Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Third umpire The sunday League 6

Hello Friends,

Some visuals of the Third Umpire were not very clear. Hence I am uploading them again. People who attempted this quiz are welcome to try this one question again. Those who did not attempt will get the benefit of doubt of the third umpire. Now that the visuals are clear, you may zero on the right connection

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Sunday League 6

Dear Friends

I was unable to post quizzes for a long time due to a heavy work schedule ( An MBA student starting Placements before completing MBA). I belong to an industry that is one of the most overworked and is least represented in the quizzing circles. Hence I was getting no time for my hobby quizzing. Finally I have managed to squeeze some time for this quiz. India's early exit from the world cup also has helped me as I would have been glued to the television, had India qualified for the semis. Here are the questions for Sunday League 6. Answers to quizrk@gmail.com. Right answers within a week. Answers to only those who attempt. Please answer all the questions. Some suggestions on how to maintain a good work-quiz balance is always welcome.
Straight bat

1) Lalu Prasad Yadav’s dream of having a branded train recently bore fruit when the __________ Express was flagged off from Bangalore to Nagercoil. Name the brand
2) Identify this logo (Hint: this company was in the news. An Indian connection)

Reverse Sweep

3) Prior to 1960, currency and bank note papers were being imported from abroad and in order to save valuable foreign exchange and to manufacture the same indigenously,this organisation was set up in early 1960s as a departmental Unit of Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs, at Hoshangabad (MP) in collaboration with M/s. Portals, UK. The main function of the Unit is to manufacture currency, bank note papers and non judicial stamp papers for the exclusive use of Government of India as per requirement of Reserve Bank of India and the same is supplied to the different printing presses working under Government of India and RBI. Which organization is being referred to here?
4) Identify this person. He is credited with giving the world a famous brand name. (Regulars in the quizzing circuit would find this a sitter)

Home Advantage

5)In 1945, a Goan entrepreneur Mr. Govind Ramnath Kare, who was in the business of wholesale and retail trade of pharmaceuticals, started a firm which he named Indo Continental Trading Company. The principal business of this firm was to import pharmaceutical formulations from Europe and distribute them in Western India. However in 1947, after India became independent, the new Government in its bid to encourage indigenous manufacturing of medicines banned import of several formulations. Mr. G.R. Kare instead of being discouraged, decided to venture into manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. Accordingly, on 23rd August 1947, a week after India's independence, a new Company was founded with the intent to manufacture and sell pharmaceutical formulations. What was the name of the new company that was formed?

Captains Corner

6) Identify this CEO

Third Umpire

7) Connect the following visuals